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If you like horror games that aren't about jumpscares and let you shoot things, this game could be the shooter that will fill that void. I put it together over the past week with my own models, code, music and animations. Currently it represents the thematic style I wanted to try while being very short and very rough. However, I wanted to put it out as quickly as possible to get feedback and decide if it should be a continued project. 

Thank you for your time, and please feel free to give feedback.


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Teaser Demo 359 MB
Version 6

Development log


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There wasn't to go by really. It was kinda laggy for me too

Man, you weren't kidding, that was extremely short. I enjoyed it tho! I'd definitely want to experience a little bit of combat before I tell you to commit to the project, but I can say that so far I like what I see and ecourage you to move forward!

PS, just streamed it if you wanna look up my footy

Thanks for the teaser!


Thanks for playing and streaming it! I'll try my best to earn that 5 star rating in the future!

Have an awesome day,


What an AWESOME concept for the game! Left me wanting MORE, MORE, MORE!! Can't wait to play the finished product. Consider me captivated, enthralled and intrigued.

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This video just made my day, I am so glad you enjoyed the demo! Also, it totally tracks if you shoot the hanging dudes. :P

Damn, guess I will have to do a quick run through and see what the message says if I don't shoot them hanging dudes!! HYPE!

I just played the demo and I have to say, it's looking great, can't wait for the full version.


Thank you so much for taking the time to try the game! 

No problem, I enjoyed it and appreciate the time you've put into the project/game.

It does look really good and I'll be keeping an eye out for the next version. Any ideas of the pricing or a release date?



Not sure on release or price, but I would love to have the game playable this year. I'm currently working on part 1, and I'm super excited about it so far!

YESSSS. Ive wanted a actual game out of this since i downloaded it! ill be waiting on it and so will all the others that have played this!

Aw, thanks! You have no idea how motivating that is to hear! :D